Update 10.3.2 Bugfixes and more!


- the host can leave the bunker and re-enter via the car
- Added random button for PVP: so you don't know which player may play the creature
- you can now see as a player creature that you are harming the hunters


- The shotgun can now be put in the trunk without reloading it
- The player creature now gets money for each dead hunter, regardless of whether it dies itself or not
- Billy is now visible only from LVL 10
- You can now walk through objects thrown by the creature, so you can't get stuck anywhere

Bug fixes:

- bug fixed, where the carpet was not liftable, although no creature was destroyed on it
- fixed the bug where the journal was asynchronous and did its own thing
- it happened that the creature identification in multiplayer was not shown as correct
- it happened that in multiplayer it did not help to drink sake during a siren hunt
- there were display problems with the end screen

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