Update 14.7 - small update

- You now have the possibility to open the options menu respectively the pause menu before loading into the bunker or next to the car
- You can now improve the game performance by selecting the "less ambience" option under "Graphics" in the options menu
- We've given you a little hint about an upcoming cool feature (this hint is located in the bunker, next to the role rooms)

Bug fixes:
- You could not use the stairs in the witch design of the bunker
- You sometimes had problems entering the main building of the monastery
- The NPC's sometimes had wrong voices in the bunker
- Some players had no available missions displayed in Hunter's Crew
- Fixed music player sound bug

We also worked on the bug where players were losing money after a Billy mission. We hope that this bug is now a thing of the past. Please let us know if this is not the case. You may also find that the loading times are longer. This is just an illusion. We have extended some of the loading screens so that players don't have to wait for the game to finish loading while standing in the bunker.

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